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All about us

iMEET! began in Australia in the early 1990s — at a time when collaborative meeting technology was in its infancy, and when butchers paper was the preferred communication tool.

In a nutshell...

We saw the opportunity for a better way of making meetings and workshops work better, with higher levels of engagement and stronger communication, and with better processes to deliver better outcomes.

Following some early experimentation with technology from around the world, we embarked on a journey to develop our own tools and methodology, so that we could offer a simpler, more-easily understood process and one in which results and outcomes were better able to be integrated into action plans and business development workflows.

The iMEET! process has been instrumental in hundreds of high-stakes meetings, community consultation processes, change management, business case development, capacity building and interactive forums and workshops — in Australia and overseas.

iMEET! continues to be improved and refined so as to deliver the best possible tools for the task at hand. Rather than adopt the approach of throwing in the entire kitchen sink of facilitation tools, we prefer to be selective so as to deliver the best possible experience for users in a way which offers an understandable and comprehensive range of functions — yet with a clear path to the desired outcomes and to business growth and alignment.

By listening to and communicating with our clients, we enhance and fine-tune our processes continually, focussing on delivering appropriate and relevant methodology in the most cost-efficient and time-efficient means.

iMEET! is a service provided by the consultancy group, Global Learning  © 2019