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Why use iMEET!?

iMEET! was developed to fill a distinct niche in collaborative online learning. It's fast, it's easy to use, it captures ideas, it offers immediate results, and saves time and money.

iMEET!, when used in face-to-face workshops, delivers instant results to all participants. There is simply no other way of bringing together ideas and activity in one central place as quickly or with such ease.

Here's a small collection of case studies — but do check out our tour, too!

Stakeholder assessment

As part of a major organisational change process, the top 240 managers from across Australia and New Zealand gathered to agree on a new strategic direction and to define the major organisational goals. Using iMEET! technology, this finance sector elite was able to quickly discuss issues and forge an agreement on direction and goals. Before the event, only half of the managers felt that the company had clear goals; yet after the event, 95 per cent could articulate the strategy and support the management objectives.

Risk mitigation workshop

A peak agricultural organisation brought together fifty of Australia's leading research scientist to discuss and agree on sector research priorities and the allocation of funding. Using iMEET, the group was able to prioritise key areas for research and to propose a range of action plans. The process involved the use of iMEET! in a conference setting, combined with ongoing virtual conferencing following the workshop.

Strategic planning

The top fifty executives in a State government agency gathered to discuss and agree on key business planning issues and departmental priorities. The one-day workshop was preceded by an online survey and forum to gather data to both design and input into the workshop. Post-workshop conferencing was run online as small teams collaborated to fine-tune agreed actions and agreements. iMEET! provided a rapid acceleration in contribution to and shared agreement on key organisational objectives and the actions needed to implement them.

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